What to Know When Establishing a
Brand Identity

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Perhaps you’re in need of brand design for your business or the products you sell. If you’re thinking of hiring a graphic designer for that purpose, it’s helpful to know a little about the design process and how you can be instrumental during that time. I’m a designer myself and I always start out by asking several questions…


The Merits of a Strong Brand Design

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have a logo for your business or the products you sell. Have you considered just how important and powerful that logo can be as part of your overall brand strategy? It speaks volumes about who you are to potential customers and when done poorly, can send the wrong message…


The Effectiveness of a Freelance Designer

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Where do you turn when you need graphic design services like print, animation or illustration? Maybe you’re a small business in need of a brand identity for a new product, or maybe you’re a video production company with a need for animated titles for a video. The available options usually include doing it yourself…


We Have Liftoff…Welcome

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Without further ado, I’m very pleased to be writing the first post of the blog here on Radiant Bit. At the same time, I’m officially launching this website—another first for me. That’s right—I’m flipping the power switch. I’m opening the doors. I’m cutting the ribbon. I’m…OK, you get the idea! This website is long overdue, actually…