We Have Liftoff…Welcome

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Liftoff Rocket EnginesWithout further ado, I’m very pleased to be writing the first post of the blog here on Radiant Bit. At the same time, I’m officially launching this website—another first for me. That’s right—I’m flipping the power switch. I’m opening the doors. I’m cutting the ribbon. I’m…OK, you get the idea!

This website is long overdue, actually. I’ve been working for myself for a few years now and as a designer of visual things, a place to showcase my work is pretty essential. I decided to design this website myself since I wanted to make Radiant Bit more personalized than what a ready-made template could offer. HTML, CSS and PHP were all new to me, but after a bunch experimentation, I was able to apply it to a powerful WordPress theme—and here it is! All in all, it was a gratifying experience and next time I work with a web developer, I’ll have a better idea of where they’re coming from.

What’s this website all about then?  It’s pretty simple, really—just a place people can come to see what I do, how I solve design challenges, and hopefully convince them to trust me with their own design problems. In addition, I hope this site demonstrates my desire for quality design. It’s my belief that the art and design around us can have a positive influence—by stirring our emotions, inspiring us, and presenting things in a new light. I know that the purpose of my creations is mostly for the marketing of products and services, but I still hope some of the love for what I do is reflected in the end result.

This is my first stab at writing a blog, so please bear with my potentially clunky wielding of words! Maybe I’ll improve as I go. This will be the place to share various thoughts and ideas, and provide a more detailed look at new projects. It’s my goal to provide informative articles for any person or business that’s looking for creative help. I want to cover topics such as the value of design, the process of design, and freelancing, etc. I plan to give a little back to the design community by posting some creative tips and tutorials of my own. Who really knows what else could end up here? Ultimately, I want to share the things I love with anyone willing to read it.

Thanks for reading—it’s my aim to keep it interesting and useful for you! If you want to find out more about me or my services, checkout my About page and please look at the examples on my Work page. I’m excited because through all the years of working past design jobs and working for myself, I’ve been fortunate to do what I love. Now, with this site, it’s a bit like my journey is just beginning. All aboard—the train’s leaving the station!